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Why HXC Technology

  1. In hand when you need: You're just a phone call/email/message away from having your problem solved.  Night tie or even holidays? Don't worry.

  2. Your device in good hands: We personally know that is hard to trust our devices to a new computer/smartphone repair shop. To be sure that your device is gonna be safe and sound you can talk directly with the owner and/or check our reviews.

  3. Good testimonials: See what people are talking about us on Google Maps and Yelp.

  4. Your device in experient hands: Bruno is a Computer Engineering and Carolinne is a Computer Scientist. There's not much they've never seen.

  5. We are different, on a good way: We will always give you the best service, that's for sure. But what about having a bonus? You have it here.

  6. Time is money: Your time is of great value to us which means we'll always do deliver your device within the least time possible.

  7. Costumer service: Have the job done is probably not the only thing you will expect. Our interactions are all full of patience and attentiveness.

  8. Crystal clear: If we talked before and established a price, that's the price. No new/hidden fees at payment time.

  9. We got your back: We totally responsible for anything that goes wrong in case something happens to your device in our hands. Or even after. You got full support for 3 months after handing your device back to you. All for free.

  10. The talk: We analyze your situation and put it straight. If we can do it, we'll tell you our price. If we can't, we'll recommend you someone. If you should change your device, then we'll give you an honest advice and help you find the perfect one.

  11. Variety of services in just one place: We can offer PC Computer Repair & Maintenance; Design services for Websites, logo, flyers, business cards; and iPhone & iPad support.  All at just one place.

  12. Last but not least: Your success is our success!

About us

Doing what they love the most!

​Hello, there. My name is Bruno. When I was 8 years old my grandmother initiated me at computer classes. Today I thank her as a Computer Engineer. On the same way was Carolinne Gabrielle, a Computer Scientist.

​Our paths eventually got together, bringing up in our hearts the common feeling of discovering out the world doing something we love at the same time. From this adventurous spirit and an inside joke, HXC Technology was born.

HXC Technology has only 1 year in field, but we have 8 years experience working with all kind of technology with passion and desire to grow. "Time and effort leads to perfection"  and that its what we've done to achieve our goals.

We are really looking forward to give our bests to anyone that comes to us. Our happy customers are proof of that.

​Life is hard, but it does not mean that it has to be bad.

Bruno & Carolinne