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From a basic check-up to a complete and efficient computer life-saving. From system's update/upgrade/repair to hardware's. Your computer will be brand new and your files will be kept in safety.

Do you want have your own website but you do not know what to do? Need a reliable host? Someone to run this sinuous way for you? We are here. Our own website is a proof that we can make it 😉

Is your computer being super slow? Do you get a black, blue or even no screen when you turn you computer on? Do you find random programs installed without your permission? Hao 123? Unfortunately you might have a virus on your computer. We can take care of it while you relax.

Have your phone slip away from you and straight to the ground? Do not worry, we're here to solve your problem changing your screen to make it new again.

Want to give a boost on your RAM? We can help you out. Running out of space on your Hard Drive? We can upgrade it for up to 1TB of memory. Your "not enough storage" problems are not gonna bother you so soon. And the most important: Your files will be safe and sound.

Are you afraid that you might be losing your data? Have you deleted an important file by mistake? Have you format your disk, but now you want the files back? Cannot access your external Hard Drive's files? We can do it for you.

$69.99 Factory format with no Back-up

Windows (XP, 7, 8.1, 10 )

$40-$50.00 Clean the Hardware

$40-$80.00 Software Installation

System Repair

(e.g. Microsoft Office Pack)

$199.99 - $3.999


Standard price by 

WebPage FX

$69.99 Malware/Spyware removal

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iPhone/iPad Screen Replacement

IPhone 5: $69.99

IPhone 6/6S: $79.99

IPhone 6S+: $89.99

IPhone 7: $99.99

IPhone 7+: $109.99

IPhone 8: $139.99

IPads: 79.99 - 199.99

Smartphones: Contact us

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$40.00 - $100.00 installation

Plus price of the piece


(i.e. HD/RAM/



$0.55 per GB recovered + Technician work 

(A fee will be charged if the

Hard-Drive is damaged)


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These are the services we offer. Each service is done with dedication and passion. We'll make sure to give the best computer/smartphone related service of the entire Bay Area. You can check the prices here or get in touch. You can give us a call, send an email or even leave us a message through the form in our contact page. 


Have the best service for a price you can afford.

The funny thing is: it actually works!