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This Policy was written to explain a little more about our Website Development work. Here you can find what we offer, the average time we take to develop a website, how much you will invest, payment methods and schedule, the information we require from you and our role after the job is done.

HXC Technology's Website Development Policy

Some features will only be discovered when the process start. We'll list a few things can offer to complement your beautiful website and how this some of those things were used in real life.

What comes in the package


As many pages as you wish and just the way you would like.

About Us
Services Page
Contact Page

Including mobile devices. All the websites we do are mobile-optimized.

Responsive Design

Be sure that your website will look great in all devices.

Multilingual Website
Booking Online 

Our client, Angel 7 Limos, uses this feature.

Our client, Eddy General Computers, uses this feature.

Social Media Setup

Be sure that everyone will hear about you/your business.

Get found on search engines
Complete SEO Configuration

Search engines use key-words to find everything on internet. You will be found as well.

Online Store 

The average time we take to build Client's template is around 3 days. We take another day to customize Client's template following Client's instructions.

Average time

well, that's depends in how great you want your website with very well explained with many pages and a stunning design.

How much you will invest

The Domain is the human friendly tool used to translate you unique "internet ID number"(Website's IP address) to something easier to remember and access.

For example: To access "", I can just type

Average Price: $ 15.00


The Web Hosts are the ones to provide storage space and access for websites. Once you have you Domain, you will need a place to storage your Website and make it accessible on the Internet.

Average Price: $2.49-$5.99 per month (for WordPress websites)

$16.00 per month (for Wix Websites)


Your own page, customized on the minimum details to let the world knows the message you would like to pass. All the design, SEO and more features, as you wish. All our package.

Average Price: $650.00-$6.000

(40% OFF from price given by WebPage FX calculator)

Website itself

Let's say put like you want a website with 5 pages, with simple but yet attractive design, 30 keywords on your website's SEO and responsive design. The calculator would say that for a low pricing it would be $ 8,000.00. SEO, General and Responsive Design are already part of HXC's package. Therefore: 8,000 - $2,000 - $2,000 - $3,000 - = $1,000.

$1.000 - 25% = $750.00 (this is the price you will pay for HXC Technology)

Considering that you have also the domain and the hosting, you total price would be:

$15 + $16 + $750 = $781.00

Total (Example)

The down payment, half of website's total amount, is made on the agreement day. Where everything is established, such as website's finishing date and next payments.

Your website on this moment will be a "landing page" while we work on it.

Down Payment

Most websites take about 3 to 4 days to have their template done. The content is given/chosen by the Client. We generally require half of the last amount one week after website's finishing date.


Development time

Depending on the website's complexity, we can finish it completely in about a week, as long as the content is given and decided. After all the details are discussed awe deliver the website added to everything we also did and receive the last parcel of the payment.

It's ready

The payments can be effectuated via PayPal, Google Wallet, cash, check or deposit/bank transfer.

Payment methods and schedule

The only personal information we will ever ask will be:

  • Full name

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Address​

  • Contract agreement

Info we require

We give to Clients 3 months of free assistance and website maintenance. We can also offer maintenance plans for $10-$30/month, including every update, depending on the website. 

Our role after